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Usage Agreement

an introduction:

*This Usage Agreement, Privacy Use, Terms and Conditions, and all policies that have been posted on Anmar Seddik Sendi Foundation for E-Marketing are established to protect and preserve the rights of (Sindi.sa Website Foundation) and (User who uses the site). As a user, you agree to be bound by all that is stated in this agreement if you use the site or if you access it or if you register on the service.

Definition of:

Redaa almesk Foundation for e-marketing is the owner of Sinsi.sa, it is a 100% Saudi company headquartered in Jeddah It is referred to in this agreement by the name of (Redaa almesk Foundation for E-Marketing) or (we) or (us) or (Sindi.sa website), and it represents here the first party.

The user is the individual, institution, or company that accesses the site and benefits from its services directly or indirectly, whether with or without registration, and the second party represents here.

The terms, conditions and provisions of this agreement and legal disputes are subject to the laws, legislations and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Terms of use:

As a second party to this agreement, by agreeing to take advantage of the site’s services, you must comply with the following:

1• Not to advertise or download content or items that are inappropriate for the ratings available on the site and are allowed to be sold. You should review the terms of advertising and prohibited goods.

2• Not to infiltrate or defraud the site's laws, policy and regulations or any third party rights.

3• Not to copy the advertisement from the Sindi.sa website for e-marketing and republish it on other websites.

4• Not to use any unlawful means to access advertisements or other users ’data, or in violation of the Sindi.sa website marketing organization’s rights and rights, or to access the site’s content or to collect and collect information and data related to Sindi.sa and the site’s customers and take advantage of them in any way or return Posted it.

5.Not to use our services if you are not legally qualified to complete this agreement. For example, you are less than 18 years old, or you are temporarily or permanently blocked from using the site.

6• Not to tamper with the prices of goods, whether in buying or selling and harming other users.

7.Not to post false, inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, libelous, or defamatory advertisements or comments.

8• Not to be subjected to international policies, sovereignties, or personalities, or any discussions that are not related to the legitimate sale and purchase in the Sindi.sa e-Marketing Foundation.

9• Not to transfer your account or activity to other locations at the time that it carries the institution's logo or services.

10• Not to violate copyright, trademarks, patents, publicity, databases or other proprietary or intellectual property rights that belong to the Sindi.sa e-Marketing site or to Sindi.sa e-Marketing.

11. Not to violate others' property, intellectual property or patent rights.

12.Not to collect information on other site users for commercial or other purposes.

13.Not to do anything that could harm the reputation of the Sindi.sa e-marketing site.

14• Not to impersonate the institution of the Sindi.sa website for e-marketing, or its representative, or employee thereof, or any trait that suggests that you belong to the institution unless you have an official permission from the institution.

Failure to comply with these conditions gives the Sindi.sa website marketing organization the full right to withhold your membership and prevent you from accessing the site without the need to notify you of that, and you hereby pledge not to return to using the site until after the site agrees to that.

Privacy policy:

Privacy and confidentiality of information We appreciate your concerns and concern about the privacy of your data on the Internet. This policy has been prepared to assist you in understanding the nature of the data that we collect from you when you visit our website and how we deal with this personal data.

1.Browsing We did not design this site in order to collect your personal data from your computer or from your mobile phone while browsing this site. Rather, the data provided by you will only be used with your knowledge and with your free will.

2.Internet Protocol (IP) address Whenever you visit any website including this website, the host server will record your Internet Protocol (IP) address, date and time of visit, the type of Internet browser you use, and the URL of any website That is referring you to this website.

3.Links to other sites on the Internet Our site may include links to other sites on the Internet. We are not responsible for those sites, you can see the privacy policies and contents of those sites that are accessed through any link within this site.

4.Disclosure of information We will at all times maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data that we obtain. This information will not be disclosed unless it is required under any law or when we believe in good faith that such a procedure will be required or desirable to comply with the law, or to defend or protect the property rights of this site or the beneficiaries of it.

5.Data necessary to carry out the transactions requested by you When we need any data of your own, we will ask you to provide it of your own free will. As this information will help us in contacting you and carrying out your requests wherever possible. The data submitted by you will never be sold to any third party for the purpose of marketing it for its own benefit without obtaining your prior and written consent unless this is done on the basis that it is within the collective data used for statistical purposes and research without including any data that can be used to identify you.

6.When you contact us, all data provided by you will be treated as confidential. The forms submitted directly on the network require the submission of data that will help us improve our site. The data provided by you will be used to respond to all your inquiries, comments, or requests from this site or any of its sites.

7.Disclosure of information to any third party We will not sell, trade, lease, or disclose any information in the interest of any third party outside this site, or its affiliated sites.

8.Amendments to the Privacy and Privacy Policy of Information We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Privacy and Privacy Policy of the information if necessary and when appropriate. The modifications will be implemented here or on the main privacy policy page and you will be constantly notified of the data we have obtained, how we will use it and who we will supply it with.

9.Contact us You can contact us if needed by clicking on the contact us link provided in our website links or sending to our email Sindi.sa on the domain name above

Finally, your concerns and concerns about the confidentiality and privacy of the data are very important for us. We hope this will be achieved through this policy.